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A better way to

find an industry job.


Welder’s World. Matching welders and the companies that are looking for them.

The concept is a simple one. Welder’s World puts welders who are good at their jobs in touch with organisations that need their services. The result is a win/win and no hold ups in production caused by a shortage of qualified welders. 


The best thing is, it's free to sign up.



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How does it work?


Welders post their details including their location, experience, skillset and specialisation and the sort of work they are looking for. 


Businesses looking for welders of any type can view from the list of those available and contact them directly through the site.


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Any project, any duration


Welder’s World is owned and operated by Welders with more than thirty years experience in the trade.


There is no-one better qualified to identify welders with the right experience for positions that need to be quickly filled, be they casual, permanent or contract.


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If you are a welder looking for work, take your pick of the top jobs offered by manufacturers, fabrication shops, mining companies, metalshops, the marine industry and the like. Simply post your details here. You’ll be contacted directly by businesses looking for your skillset, experience and location. 




Businesses large and small, looking for a qualified boilermaker, fabricator welder, pressure welder, rig welder, sheet metal and aluminium welder, TIG or MIG welder or similar, post your job requirements here. You will be given a list of suitable candidates looking for either full-time, part-time, casual or contract work, to contact directly.




Looking for a welder with the skills you need to get the job done? Look no further. Qualified Boilermaker, Fabricator Welder, Pressure Welder, Rig Welder, Sheet Metal and Aluminium Welder, TIG or MIG Welder and more, can be viewed right here. 




The Welder’s Weld site is designed to be quick and easy to use. The best thing is it’s totally FREE. Whether you're an employer looking for Welders or a qualified Welder looking for work, Welder’s World is can save time and money.

Job Seeker or Employer?

Welder’s World can provide a wide range of welding opportunities across Australia.

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Welder's World can provide a wide range of welding opportunities across Australia. If you have a question, we are there to help.

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The best advertising is word of mouth. Here are some of the things some of the site’s users are saying about Welder’s World.


  • Albert Draper

    Helped me find a great paying job. Will use again. Great idea.

  • Adam Farrnell

    Welder’s Weld offer an amazing service and I couldn’t be happier! They are dedicated to helping businesses find great welders, wonderful service!

  • Liam Start

    Welder’s Weld helped me find a job in less than 2 days and the job is amazing, great service guys!

  • Joel Edwards

    Wow just Wow! Welder’s Weld is an excellent service that made it super easy in helping me find a welding job, i’d use them again!